EllaOla Expert Series: 5 Baby Skincare Tips

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EllaOla Expert Series: 5 Baby Skincare Tips

At EllaOla, we’re a team of parents, pediatricians, and dermatologists who have spent hours on diaper duty and nit-picking natural ingredients for our babies’ skincare products. We’re no strangers to the joys and challenges of parenting–drool and eczema, late-night feedings, and early morning cuddles. And we believe that the ritual of baby skincare should be as luxurious as it is intimate; a moment to connect and care for your baby.

We turned to our EllaOla experts (Harvard dermatologists and pediatricians) for 5 baby skin care tips that will save you this winter…and all year long!


1. Limit your baby’s bath to less than 10 minutes and avoid soaps with lots of bubbles.

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2. Washing can strip the moisture in the skin and lead to breakdown. Use creams to create a layer over the skin barrier to help the body repair itself. 

Our solution: Soothing Baby Face Cream

3. No matter how thick your moisturizer is, frequent application is important, especially when your baby is prone to dry skin. Use moisturizer more frequently in sensitive or exposed areas.

Our solution: Hydrating Baby Lotion 

 4. Oil massage has wonderful effects on infant skin and also offers additional benefits such as parent/child emotional bonding, improved sleep cycles, and healthy neuromuscular development.

5. It is much easier to prevent diaper rash than to treat it. Use diaper cream on a regular basis (with every diaper change). 

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