6 Achievable Healthy & Happy New Year's Resolutions


6 Achievable Healthy & Happy New Year's Resolutions

As the calendar turns to a new year, it's not just a chance for personal renewal but an opportunity for the entire family to set intentions and embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier 2024. Approaching New Year resolutions as a family is a great opportunity to strengthen the family bonds and foster a supportive environment for everyone to strive to meet their resolutions day after day.

It's easier to reach your goals when you have a solid support team behind you to encourage and motivate your progress. Your fam here at EllaOla is always thinking about new ways we can help make mom-life just a little easier so you can focus on what’s really important. Here are 6 achievable healthy and happy resolutions for a dose of inspiration as you step into the New Year.


1. Let go of being perfect.

We all have some vision of the “perfect” mom in our mind. In motherhood when we feel like we’re failing, it’s because we’re not living up to the “standards” or “visions” we set for ourselves in our quest for perfection. Why not let go of that “perfect” mom image? No one is perfect. Being imperfectly perfect and embracing your own flaws as a natural part of life takes courage, but it will give you the freedom and peace of mind to take well-worth-it risks without the constant fear of failing. We don’t have to pretend to be supermoms to create an illusion to our kids that we are capable of anything & everything when, in fact, we are not. Sometimes sharing our weaknesses and asking for help from others not only makes ourselves feel relieved but allows us to create a deeper bond with others. In this new year, consider how you may allow your vision of being  a “perfect” mom can be your own enemy of the good in your life!


2. Invest in my own & my family’s physical health.

We believe that a holistic approach, addressing both the internal and external health is paramount to long-term well-being. This is why we developed a Babies’ & Kids’ Essential Daily Multivitamin this last year with a team of Harvard Pediatric Dietitian Moms. Focusing on healthy and well-rounded daily nutrition for little ones has inspired us to consider the interconnection between body & mind and the utmost importance of little ones meeting their daily nutritional values for healthy growth, development, immunity, concentration, mood, sleep, and so much more giving you the peace of mind that their health is being supported.


3. Practice mindfulness, forgiveness, & gratitude daily.

Mindfulness, forgiveness, and gratitude are often considered as a trio in practices promoting mental and emotional well-being. These three elements together contribute to a holistic approach to emotional & mental health, promoting a positive and balanced mindset. Practicing mindfulness, forgiveness, and gratitude in your own life and leading by example is one of the best ways to show your little ones on how to maintain happier & healthier mindsets and coping skills. Simply taking a few moments to focus on your breath, breathing deeply, paying attention to each inhale and exhale is an easy way to practice mindfulness and center yourself in the present moment when things start to feel hectic. 


4. Block-out some time on the calendar for myself.

We all know that being a mama is a full time job (and the most important job), but something that is just as important as looking out for your kiddos’ mental and physical health is taking the time you need & deserve to take care of your own needs. When you dedicate time to rejuvenate yourself, it empowers you to assist others with abundance. You can't provide support when your own well-being is depleted. When you’ve got your hands full with your whole family’s different needs and schedules, it can feel impossible to carve-out some time for yourself, but this is why it is so important to make sure you do. One trick to make sure you get that time you need to reset is to schedule it into your calendar and to treat these appointments with the same importance as any other commitment. Our Mama Nourishing SPA Bundle is here to help you establish a safe and serene self-care routine founded on ancient rituals that focus on both inner and outer beauty to help you achieve a feeling of “zen” that you deserve, mama.


5. Stop comparing ourselves to others.

When you’re home alone with your baby and totally new to motherhood, it can be easy to scroll through Instagram or Tiktok and compare yourself to other moms with seemingly picture-perfect lives. Remember that every mom is different, every baby is different, and every motherhood journey is different. Comparing ourselves to others can rob us of the joy of our own perfectly imperfect lives.


6. Limit screen time & maximize family time.

Limiting screen time for both yourself and your kids is a very commendable New Year's resolution, but it may seem like a daunting task trying to disconnect. Here are some practical tips to help you start to create some boundaries with the tech in you and your family’s lives. Creating some spaces in your home that are tech-free can be a great way to encourage more face-to-face family time over screen time. Making the dinner table and bedrooms tech-free zones can be great ways to start limiting the time spent alone online and increase time spent bonding with family. While your kiddos will probably object to this at first, this is where you come in with our other tip; provide alternatives for boredom. This is where outdoor activities, arts & crafts, puzzles, books, cooking, sports, dress up, and more come into play (pun intended) so you all can spend more quality time playing over time spent scrolling.

Here is to a happy & healthy 2024! 

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