6 Reasons Why Dietitian Moms Recommend Our Kids’ Unflavored Multivitamin

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6 Reasons Why Dietitian Moms Recommend Our Kids’ Unflavored Multivitamin

In the pursuit of ideal childhood nutrition, dietitian moms, Liana DeLoid, MS, RD, LDN, and Kelly Millan, MS, RD, CLC, enthusiastically endorse EllaOla Toddler and Kids Unflavored Multivitamins. These meticulously formulated multivitamins have garnered the admiration from nutrition specialists for numerous outstanding qualities. Let's explore the primary six reasons why dietitians recommend this unflavored multivitamin.



1. Most Complete Nutrition

    The EllaOla Toddlers’ & Kids' Unflavored Multivitamin distinguishes itself as among the most comprehensive nutritional supplements available on the market. Featuring a comprehensive blend of 19 essential vitamins and minerals alongside a robust assortment of 15 fruits and vegetables, this multivitamin caters to a broad range of essential nutritional requirements for growing and developing children. Dietitians value this holistic approach, as it guarantees children receive a well-rounded supplement that supports their overall health and development



    2. Unflavored Formula - No Taste

      The new Unflavored Multivitamin formulation that EllaOla developed with pediatric dietitians is perfect for children who are picky eaters since this powder can be added to any soft foods or  drinks that little ones already enjoy without affecting the original taste. This powder is colorless and unflavored which is perfect for adding to savory meals such as pasta, eggs, mac & cheese, avocado spread, etc., as well as sweet options like juice, yogurt, oatmeal, apple sauce, milk, peanut butter, and more making this multivitamin truly flexible and versatile. 



      3. Powder Form - No Choking Hazard for Younger Kids

        Ensuring safety is paramount when considering supplements for children, and EllaOla excels in this regard. Its innovative powder formulation eliminates the choking hazard often associated with conventional gummies or chewable tablets. This design not only improves ease of consumption but also expands its suitability across a wider age range, ensuring even the youngest family members can safely access its nutritional benefits.


        4. Sugar-Free 

          The increasing concern over excessive sugar intake among children is a significant worry for healthcare experts. EllaOla tackles this problem by providing a sugar-free formula. The absence of added sugars in the multivitamin aligns with dietary guidelines, presenting a conscientious option for parents striving to promote balanced nutrition in their children.



          5. No Artificial Sweeteners, Dyes, or Additives

            In a time when worries regarding artificial additives are significant, EllaOla Toddlers’ & Kids' Unflavored Multivitamin stands out by containing no artificial flavors or dyes. By avoiding synthetic additives, EllaOla guarantees that children obtain their essential nutrients without the unnecessary chemicals, appealing to parents who prioritize natural and wholesome choices for their children.



            6. Free of Top Allergens

              Addressing food allergies is an important factor to consider in children's nutrition. EllaOla Toddlers' & Kids' Unflavored Multivitamins accommodate a wide range of dietary needs by excluding the top nine allergens: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, and sesame. The multivitamin formula is also vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, catering to a broad audience of different diets and needs. This ensures that children with different dietary restrictions or allergies can access the advantages of a complete multivitamin without risking their health.

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