Does My Child Need a Multivitamin?

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Does My Child Need a Multivitamin?

If you’re a parent concerned about your child’s health, you may be asking yourself: Does my child really need a multivitamin? While sources may argue against daily multivitamins for kids, it’s crucial to understand the vast nutrient deficiency that they face today.

A child’s nutritional needs are constantly changing as their bodies grow rapidly during these years. Food intake is a huge factor in balancing this growth, and their consumption will tend to vary widely as their needs for vitamins and minerals increase with age. While children should be eating a variety of foods as well as fruits and vegetables in their daily diet, many fail to do so. For instance, experts say that over 90% of children don’t meet the recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables.

In order to address picky eaters and the common vitamin deficiencies that your child may face, we at EllaOla have formulated an all-encompassing multivitamin that can provide essential nutrients without the added sugars of gummies or tablets.

The array of vitamins needed for a healthy diet may seem daunting at first, but it all comes down to specific roles that each ingredient plays in your child’s overall wellbeing. We’ve put together some key vitamins that kids today lack the most: take a look at why you should consider these supplements:


Calcium & Vitamin D

Calcium is an essential mineral for building strong bones, something we only have one chance at as kids. It also works in the body in other ways by keeping nerves and muscles working properly. In order to absorb this calcium, kids need Vitamin D as well. At this age, they have a necessity for an increased amount of these vitamins with rapidly growing bones. Moreover, insufficient intake of calcium or vitamin D can lead to disorders of bone mineralization and other disorders that affect the muscular, nervous, and immune systems.

CNBC reports that the number one vitamin that kids today aren’t getting enough of is vitamin D, with 70% of children ages 6-11 experiencing a vitamin D deficiency. Sun exposure alone can’t meet these requirements, leading to their bodies not being able to efficiently absorb calcium. Therefore, our multivitamins provide both vitamin D and as much calcium as a full glass of milk to assist in meeting every day calcium needs.



Choline is an important nutrient for supporting the central nervous system and fat metabolism. It helps your brain and central nervous system control memory/mood, helps liver and muscles to function properly, and helps lipids break down and convert into energy. 

A new study from BC Children's Hospital reveals that over 70 percent of 1 year olds and 50 percent of 2 year olds are not meeting the recommended intake of this nutrient. The recommended range for babies and kids ranges from 125mg to 250 mg, so our vitamin is aimed at making sure your child meets these requirements.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E boosts the immune system and helps the body fight off germs. It also assists with proper blood flow and helps the cells of the body work together to function properly.

Although it’s rare for a Vitamin E deficiency to cause serious issues, many children simply don’t get enough of it from their diet alone. Our formula is made to deliver a sufficient amount to keep your child as healthy as possible.


How do you choose the right multivitamin?

So many kid’s multivitamins exist on the market- how can you know if it’s the best choice for your child? We’re committed to breaking barriers between maintaining health and delivering an easily digestible product. Both our babies / toddlers (1-3 yrs old) and kids (4+ yrs old) vitamins are carefully formulated with 20 essential vitamins and minerals, zero sugar or artificial sweeteners, and an impressively great taste. If you’re looking for a reliable source of internal protection for your kiddo, give EllaOla’s new Essential Multivitamin a try.



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