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EllaOla Expert Series: Our Doctor’s Tips for Soothing Baby Eczema

Each day, countless patients ask me for recommendations regarding skincare. One of the biggest challenges facing parents today is finding products that they feel comfortable using on their children, including those that utilize all-natural, gentle, and non-toxic ingredients. As a dermatologist, I was familiar with many skincare products but still had a hard time finding one that contained the ingredients that I considered to be best for my daughter’s skin and eczema. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for parents without basic skincare knowledge! I wanted to help families navigate the confusing market by helping EllaOla create products that are all-natural, organically based, and safe for children. Read my tips and product recommendations below for soothing baby eczema.
- Dr. Jennifer Tan, MD, mother to Iris, 16 months old


1. Follow gentle skin care instructions: 


2. Use only fragrance-free skincare products 

Did you know that just like all of the other organs in their bodies, baby skin is still growing and maturing after they are born? Their skin is thin and sensitive and can react to ingredients that adult skin does not react to. Fragrances can be irritating and result in future allergic reactions. When it comes to baby skincare products, the simpler the better!


3. Avoid bubble baths

Did you know that long baths dry out the skin? All soaps, no matter how gentle, disrupt the oils and proteins that protect your skin. Even plain water dries out your skin! Babies do not need to bathe more than once a day. Limit your baby’s baths to less than 10 minutes and avoid soaps that make lots of bubbles. 


4. Apply moisturizer from head to toe at least twice a day

Did you know that there are literally cracks in the skin of children with eczema?  

The skin is made of millions of skin cells that are glued together with various human proteins. In babies with eczema, this glue doesn’t work well and cells do not stick together tightly. There are gaps in between the cells and literally cracks in the skin. This problem is often inherited. These gaps and cracks cause the skin to dry out easily and get irritated easily. This is why it is so important to frequently moisturize the skin of children with eczema. Good moisturizers help to fill in these gaps and cracks in order to protect the skin from dehydration and irritation.  



5. Use gentle soft clothes made of 100% cotton. Avoid elastic materials or clothes that are too restrictive or tight

Dress your baby in soft, loose-fitting, and breathable cotton to prevent the build-up of heat and moisture that can quickly lead to an eczema outbreak. Always choose clothes that have open wrists and collars to allow heat to escape and prevent irritation from rubbing against baby’s skin. 


6. See a skin doctor for prescription treatment of eczema

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