Meet The Doctors Behind Every Formula: Dr. Jennifer Tan, MD


Meet The Doctors Behind Every Formula: Dr. Jennifer Tan, MD

Dr. Jennifer Tan, MD Board-certified Pediatric Dermatologist Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Medical School

Dr. Tan has spent over a decade helping thousands of pediatric dermatology patients. Dr. Tan’s passion for helping under-served communities has earned her recognition by the American Academy of Dermatology and Harvard Medical School. Her expertise and passion go hand-in-hand with EllaOla’s commitment to safety, transparency, and giving back. As a Scientific Advisor, she’s excited to help families navigate the best skincare for their babies by helping EllaOla revolutionize baby care with trustworthy products that are safe, effective for children, and socially conscious.

Tell us about your motherhood and family.

Our daughter, Iris, is 16 months old and is an inquisitive and fiery little spirit! As a family, we enjoy spending time outdoors, exploring new places with friends, and cooking meals together. Prior to the pandemic, we enjoyed frequent visits with our family, based in New York, New Jersey, and Singapore! Now, with more time spent at playgrounds, hiking, and swimming, a good skin care routine has become incredibly important to keeping Iris’ skin healthy.

How have you applied your background and experience to your own parenting challenges?

Being a working Mom is the most challenging experience of my life! Every parent wants to do what’s best for the health of their child and skin care is no exception. For me, one of the greatest challenges has been managing Iris’ eczema, allergies, and sensitive skin. During flares, we’ve required prescription medications but have otherwise done well with a routine of daily bath time followed by massage oil and loads of moisturizer throughout the day. I love the Ella Ola Products because they contain the highest quality, plant-based ingredients that have been scientifically proven to promote healthy baby skin. Packed with soothing oils rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, they are particularly gentle and effective in treating eczema and will continue to nourish her skin as she transitions into her toddler years. And as a Mom, I feel at ease knowing that we are using products that are natural, safe, and environmentally sustainable.

What is the #1 piece of expert advice you would love to share with new parents?

“New parents should know that the care that they give their child’s skin during the first year of life is so important. From choosing the right ingredients to build a healthy barrier, to protecting the skin from the sun and environmental stress, baby skincare needs to be taken seriously from the first year of life!"

What are key features that you want in skin care products?

1. Organic Baby Massage Oil

“Daily massage involving the application of a gentle and soothing oil like EllaOla’s 100% Organic Baby Massage Oil can promote parent-baby bonding while also restoring hydration to your little one’s skin. The best time to use massage oil is following a bath – an easy way to make oil application part of your baby’s daily skincare routine! In babies with eczema, 2 studies have found massage to improve a child’s activity level and eczema while also reducing parental anxiety.”

2. Superfood Baby Shampoo & Bodywash

“Coconut oil has powerful antibacterial properties and studies have shown that it also strengthens the skin barrier and promotes a healthy microbiome. It is one of my favorite ingredients to hydrate the skin and combat infection and is especially effective in babies with eczema. I frequently recommend coconut oil as a moisturizer in all skin types, but particularly in eczema-prone babies. Like coconut oil, coconut water in our Superfood Baby Shampoo & Bodywash is thought to promote a healthy biome and hydrate the skin.”

3. Hydrating Baby Lotion

“One myth is that obtaining squeaky clean skin, such as from scrubbing, is optimal for the skin. Overcleaning can disrupt our healthy microbiome and compromise the integrity of our skin barrier. Using soaps and creams like the Hydrating Baby Lotion that contains prebiotics, such as algae, may help to fuel the development of healthy bacteria.”

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